Wednesday, December 1, 2010

vacuum in my head

Peed on three more sticks today, and am getting some evaporation lines, i.e. faint lines that show up after about five to ten minutes.  I don't think they mean anything, as I have seen them before (heck, I have seen true positives before that did not mean anything, since I still lost the embryos even after they attempted to implant).  The sticks are the only way for me to communicate with the embryos at the moment, so I cherish the faint evap lines, even if I don't hold much hope for them meaning anything.  MrH can't even see them, but I can, under bright lights.

Tonight we made the mistake of letting a Kirby vacuums salesman into our house.  We spent the entire evening praying for his demo to end sooner.  We did buy a Kirby, because the grime in our carpets could use a bit of vacuuming, but heck, he could have done the whole presentation in twenty minutes instead of two hours.  I even told him that he is much more likely to make a sale if he speeds the whole thing up, because I need to get my 16 hours of sleep that I currently require, but although he tried, the poor man just could not skip over any of the important, valuable and priceless Kirby parts and accessories.  Ugghhhh! just shoot me.  Now I have a Kirby, must vacuum.  Except that it is too heavy for me to lift it, so MrH will have the pleasure of vacuuming until I am proven to be nonpregnant, lose the baby, or have a live delivery, whichever may come first.

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