Monday, December 6, 2010

obsessive to the max

I woke up this morning and my first thought was "I wonder if the line is still there".  I checked on the FRER from last night, and sure enough the line had not been a figment of my imagination, it was still there.   Then, I did the first pregnancy test of the day.  It was reassuringly still positive, even more so than last night.  I then went to work, had tea during the morning, about four cups, as I am quite sick with a head cold, and at lunch decided to check again, just in case the line had disappeared.  During the course of the morning, against my better judgement, I phoned both my mom (who was skeptical, given her poor experiences with me and my preg tests) and my obstetrician, who was very happy, and more positive than I am (despite his previous experiences with me and my preg tests).  I had also emailed my IVF doctor, who simply replied to please do my bloodwork when it's time and stop pissing on tests (no he didn't say that, but it was implied).

Anyway, four cups of tea later, my lunch test was very faintly positive, almost hard for me to see the line at all.  I freaked out just a little.  Enough to make me take another one tonight.  This time, I made sure to not drink anything for about four hours before taking it, and the line was definitely the most satisfying I have seen so far, darker than last night, and darker than this morning.  This is a good thing... so far.  My other tests did not get so dark so fast.  Today is day 12 "past ovulation", in fact day 7 post 5 day transfer, so my period would have normally been due in two days, if I were to not be on medication.  I think the lines are appropriate for this time in the cycle, if I remember correctly from the first time I got pregnant, when it was the only normal implantation that I had.

I am battling a sinus infection I think, my head is swimming in mucus.  I have bought this new contraption that I feel the need to share with the world:  it started off as a WATERPIK, which is a machine that pumps a stream of water in between one's teeth, under high pressure, to clean residual plaque.  The waterpik is a fine gadget, but what I found on ebay a while back (and felt the need to own) is a nasal cannula that attaches to the waterpik, for rinsing one's sinuses.  Basically, you put the one end in your nostril, plug up the other one with your hand, and turn the machine on.  It pumps a steady stream of water that comes out through your mouth and your tear ducts.  In fact, I had gobs of mucus come up through my tear ducts this evening, I could not believe that is possible.  I love this machine.  I rinse my sinuses three times a day when I have a cold, and hardly ever need antibiotics anymore.  I used to use a normal sinus bottle before, and that worked just as well, this one is just more interesting to use (more "gadgety").

So, in between peeing on sticks and rinsing mucus from my brain, I have nothing else new to report.  Just waiting, and slowly starting to feel a little more positive.


  1. hoping you continue to get reassuring results. i'm out this cycle. AF reared her fugly head this morning. :'(

    o, and i rinse my sinuses daily with my netti pot. love that thing!

  2. Sorry to hear that Tiffany! That is so disappointing...

  3. Lol. Mrs. H, you should buy stock in EPT's! I am keeping everything crossed for you.