Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Emma is sick with tonsillitis, and I am also feeling under the weather.  Today I have stayed home and we both cuddled in bed.  She was so irritable that I did not even have a chance to realize that I am very thirsty, and did not eat or drink almost anything until this evening.  For the past few days, due to her being irritable, I lost 2 or 3 lb more.  I am so in love with her though that all I need is to look at the fine wisps of hair at the back of her little head and I just forget how tired I am.  I want to cuddle and hug her all day long.  This is all the time I get for posting tonight, as she is awake again and wanting more boob.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

spring cleaning

I realize I have been away from the blog for almost THREE weeks!!! that is the longest yet perhaps.  But I have been busy with spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning is something that I do in most years, that is when I am not pregnant or depressed (usually depressed because I am not pregnant).  During my years of normal, happy self, I have lots of energy (manic, anyone?) and clean, clean, clean.

I can safely say I have outdone my cleaning lady.  Her measly once a week cleaning doesn't hold a candle to the tornado that I have become.

Tonight for instance I have replaced my boots and winter shoes collection that I keep by the door with my summer shoe collection (or part of).  This called for cleaning all the winter boots (this winter I have mainly used Uggs) and putting them in the labelled boxes, then getting the summer shoes out of their boxes, applying lotions and potions to the leather, shining them, and carrying them up and down the stairs.  It might sound like a small task, but remember I have had many years of infertility, hence many years of disposable income and hurt feelings easily assuaged by buying shoes :) and shoes last, and last... so this year I have decided not to bother bringing all of my summer shoes downstairs, and not even trying to wear them all this summer, but rather settling for 70% or so of my collection.  Whoever is curious, I have four pairs of ankle boots, two pairs of ballerina flats, four pairs of Mary Jane style but with a respectable heel, five pairs of kitten heels, two pairs of Oxfords, and two pairs of loafers. Also, three pairs of running shoes/walking shoes that look like running shoes.  That is quite a lot to carry up and down the stairs.  (Up the stairs to storage heaven went three pairs of Uggs, and five pairs of just below the knee boots).

I am the shoe queen.

I am also the cashmere sweater queen, as I have recently discovered.  Spring is time to launder all the cashmere and put it away in a sealed box.  Last summer I had freezer space, so I put all my cashmere in the deep freezer until the fall came.  This summer, alas, I have bought a lamb and an eighth of a buffalo, so there went my freezer space (btw, I am no longer vegan, since I worry about Emma getting enough iron, so we eat meat twice a week now).  My living room is strewn about with the white cashmere, tomorrow it is time for the black and coloured.

I am feeling very old fashioned and organized.  I like it.  I am getting some inspiration from an interesting book called Home Comforts, which preaches very detailed ways to do just about everything, including how to make the bed hospital-style.  Have skipped that one.  I am inspired to be a better housekeeper since I have a crawling baby on the floors.

Emma is crawling and cruising very well.  She is all over the house, including opening cupboards, following me around, and wanting to be helped up to walk at all possible moments.  She can almost pull to stand, in the next week she will do it.  She no longer squirms when we change her diaper, but rather waits patiently.  She bit my boob a couple of times with her two bottom teeth, but understood quite well that it is not acceptable practice when I showed her that it hurt me and I looked upset and determined.  She eats with her own hands all sorts of fruits and vegetables, and also is wanting to use the spoon more and more.  She is learning how to drink from a cup without choking on the liquids or getting them all over me.  She is just over eight months.

I am going to have to figure out how to post some pictures.  I used to have an email address to which I would send them and they would show up on the blog, but I forgot what it was, so I will have to load them up myself.

I am going to update more often now as the bulk of my spring cleaning is done.