Monday, February 9, 2015


aHere I go again, not blogging for a whole month.  It seems that life is taking me very fast and I am not swimming fast enough to keep afloat.  In the past month, I have become about 200% busier, at least at work, but also at home.  The nanny had to take some time off for health reasons that came by surprise, and I had to scramble to find another nanny, a lady that has a two year old, and that initially left my house quite messy, creating yet more work for me when I got home, on top of pacifying the kids and making dinner.

I also kept busy with exercise, especially with outdoors running.  Winter running is a unique sport around here, as we run on trails not accessible at all times in summer (bog conditions make them...boggy, and mosquitoes, bears, and other friends chase us out of there).  I ran this morning at -30 C and did not even cover my face, just the chin a bit.  After 50 minutes I felt a bit of frostbite starting to tingle on my face, but by then I was home and did not get any skin burn.

If anybody wants to know what we wear when we run, it is not a lot of extra layers, just a pair of thermal long johns, one pair of lined Lululemon studio pants, smart wool socks (one pair) and Solomon snowcross trainers with metal spikes for good traction.  On top, one long sleeve thermal T shirt, one turtleneck (mine is an old cashmere one) and a studio jacket from lululemon too.  I would wear any of similar weight.  One hat that cover ears, and one neck warmer (that I only started wearing recently after a friend gave it to me). Mittens. That is that.  My iPhone wears a hand warmer to stay warm, but today it died anyway.  The shoes are the most important part.  As long as one keeps moving, one is warm anyway.

I also stated doing weekend and one in four days call at work.  Call lasts 24 hours during the week, and 72 hours on the weekend, and we get called at all hours, so depending on what happens, it can be very busy.  This weekend, the nights were especially busy, as I had to go in at 1 am, and got woken up randomly about once an hour.  And so did the kids who sleep with us in bed.  Crazy life, eh.  I forget how crazy it is when I don't do it for a while, and then I start again and it hits me how this is our normal.

Daniel is trying to type, so I will let him express himself:

How did he get the Greek characters?