Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi guys,

May the New Year be amazing for all of us!  I am happy to look back on 2015 with nothing much to report:  nobody died, nobody got born, nobody died getting born either.  A good, quiet, content year.

In two more days, I will be remembering Adrian's death.  For me, the New Year will always be linked with his loss.  At the same time, I am recalling how in December 31, 2009, I was lying in a hospital bed on complete bedrest, eating store-bought trifle from a plastic cup and a sandwich for dinner (as the kitchen staff went home early that day, presumably to cook and eat better things).  This recollection, far from making me sad entirely, brings me peace that I AM NOT THERE nor will I ever be again.  It was so awful a moment as to trigger eternal gratitude for its passing.

So, what is on the menu tonight?  We had bison ribs with home made barbecue sauce, and a phenomenal risotto (mushroom and parmesan) that I could not stop eating, as well as a white cake which was a bit dry.  By the way, my New Year resolutions must include, among other things like losing weight and not washing my face with hand soap, learning how to make a fantastic moist white cake. Feel free to give me your recipes, that is if anyone is still reading.

Much love to everyone.  Will try to post in two days. Happy New Year!!!