Friday, December 31, 2010

go to dust, 2010!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!  May 2011 be a better year than 2010.  For me, it would be almost impossible to have a worse year than 2010, so I am pretty sure I am stepping forward in the right direction.  I am kicking 2010 in the dust, and stepping on it while grinning my evil grin, may you disintegrate in peace, stupid bad-ass 2010!!!

Just as a fun reminiscence of my 2010 New Year "celebration", I was in the hospital, on bedrest, 5 days after my emergency cerclage that didn't work.  I had diarrhea and was lying down, not allowed to lift my head off the pillow so that I don't create intraabdominal pressure.  I was also too embarrassed to allow the nurses to clean up my mess, so MrH had to clean up my shit.  That was one great way to click into the new year.  As a special dinner, we had two cups of Save on Foods parfaits (that probably created the diarrhea to begin with), and a hospital sandwich each (disgusting indeed) because the hospital staff in the cafeteria was off for New Years.  We were so lost, that we didn't even realize that it was the New Year's celebration until about dinner time Dec 31, when we realized that I wasn't getting any dinner, and the sandwich came with the above explanation.

On Jan 2 at 2 am I woke up in labour.  The rest is history.
Enough said.
To a better 2011, for everyone.

PS.  I can only say one thing for 2011:  I just bought pregnancy clothes.  I phoned my OB today to ask if he thinks I will jinx it if I do, and he said "no, go ahead, I have a very good feeling about this pregnancy".  So I did.  Three pairs of pants and two tops.  I can't wait to wear them.  Is 12 weeks too early to start do you guys think?


  1. may 2011 bring you nothing but happiness my friend. and i say wear those maternity outfits whenever you want - whatever makes you happy. :)

  2. Not too early! I started wearing my maternity jeans around 8 weeks mainly because I was too lazy to wash my normal ones when I had perfectly clean maternity ones sitting there. 19 weeks and counting, it didn't jinx it. (Now most of my regular clothes probably wouldn't fit, even Joe's clothes give me a rather pronounced bump.)

  3. Hoping 2011 is a better year for both of us! You're so brave, I'm not touching anything ticker related or maternity wear for a while yet, still too afraid of all that can go wrong. Here's to leaving the shit year that was 2010 behind!!!

  4. just wanted to let you know that tomorrow i will light a candle for Adrian too. ((hugs))

  5. Get out those safety pins or whatever you need and get those pants on! LOL : D You know what once you where them you truly don't want to go back. They are gorgeous to wear. At least thats what i find! You go girl. And if anything the whole concept will just provide you with all that feel good vibes you so need and deserve! Happy new year wonderlady! Cheers Julie