Tuesday, December 7, 2010

primitive streak

The line is staying there, and it is getting darker.  This is good, very good.  MrH is smiling his expectant father smile, which I swear I have only seen on his face when I am pregnant.  He is radiating warmth and happiness like a child when he smiles like that, and he did it this morning when I showed him pregnancy test no. 1554 (kidding) that was an obvious line, the one that I tried to capture with my iphone.  Here is a better picture that I took with a proper camera:

I know I am silly taking pictures of weak positives, and I know we should not be getting so excited so soon, but heck, I have waited for one whole year for a good feeling like this, where you think everything  COULD go well.  Yes, it has lots of chances to not go well, but it could go well, and the chances of that are better than half.  Perhaps for once in my life the odds are going to be on my side.  And if they are not...it is better to have loved and lost than not loved at all.  I choose to get excited.  I have spent the whole evening reading about embryonic development, and at the moment, as we speak, BabyH is busy developing a primitive streak

It's a hard job, being an embryo!  


  1. Oh my God, now I see it so well. It's so clear. It's there, I see it, I see it.

  2. oh hun, you are SO not silly. I did the exact same thing and took at least 2 tests a day to make sure it was getting darker for a whole week. I took tons of pics and even saved them all (yes I still have them lol). And I totally get excited the moment I see the faintest line. How could you not? I pray that this is a sticky baby and that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. Congrats again mama!!

  3. Hey congratulations. I took one just yesterday but had everything all set up and ready to go. I took a test out of the box and read the directions on Thursday evening so I wouldn't be in the bathroom suspiciuosly long in the morning. (Even though we are trying to conceive again I don't want him to know when I get a positive result. My period isn't due until Monday and last year my MIL new before even that happened!) I also took the camera in the bathroom and on Friday a.m. I tested "with" a friend. She was on MSN Messenger on my phone. Well the stupid stick said NO so fast! :(

    Anyway, glad you got yours and I'm planning to make the same fuss over the occassion exactly 28 days from yesterday. I wish you, your baby, and your family all the best!