Friday, December 3, 2010

cherry on top

Thank you Tiffany for the wonderful award, it really made my day!  Tiffany blogs about her son who died of SIDS, and her story is so inspirational, as she manages to go on living and still helping others like me with her kindness despite this terrible tragedy.  She gave me this award:
The rules of this award are to introduce the person who gave you the award on your blog, and to send it to five other blogs, leaving comments in the process.  The five awards go to:
1.  MrsSpit
2.  Rebecca
3.  Rachel
4.  Kalialani
5.  Julie
Everyone on this list is an inspiration to me.  I enjoy reading these blogs enormously, as I either laugh or derive strength from them, and thanks to the online community that I have become part of lately, I don't feel as if I am going through these difficult years alone.

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