Thursday, December 16, 2010

feeling better

The spotting has stopped for now, but I did give my obstetrician a call and he said not to worry at all about it, that it is very common at this stage while the embryo is burrowing into my endometrium for some blood vessels to bleed a little.  It was a very small amount, and in fact I think someone less paranoid than me would not have even noticed the subtle discoloration of the vaginal progesterone remains that collect on my  pantyliner three times a day (I do the progesterone vaginally, not by injection).  I have, to my credit, abstained from posting pictures of the evidence...ew!

This episode shows me that this pregnancy is going to be a mind game as much as a physical transformation.  I must LEARN TO TRUST what my body tells me.  I feel pregnant.  I am tired, my breasts hurt and they are spilling out of my bra already, I am inclined towards worry and negative thinking (this is also a pregnancy effect, although some of it is constitutional), and I have bits of nausea with tons of heartburn.  My body is telling me loud and clear that I am still pregnant, and perhaps, as MrH says, I am getting more and more pregnant every day.


  1. yay for getting more and more pg everyday!

  2. Awesome! :) But yeah, expect to be the queen bitch over the next three months or so. Or at least until FTS (that's how it was for me).