Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the parrot ate my stick

I am truly insane, I actually peed on a stick today!  I mean how sick is that, one day after transfer?  I just seem to be going through the motions like a robot, and don't feel in control of my own actions.  I don't know what the stick actually said, because the parrot ate the bottom half and destroyed the reagent, making me aware that I am an idiot in the process.  I think it was negative, although if I try really hard I can see lines on anything.  MrH said he saw "sweet blue bugger all", so I think we'll call it a negative-eaten-by-the-parrot.

I am doing it also because I want to give myself permission to do whatever the heck my mind wants to do, as in the past I have fought hard to stop myself from doing pregnancy tests and felt bad when I failed.  Let's just hope that the mind has a wisdom of its own, and rather go with that, as whatever you resist tends to persist anyway.

I am so incredibly sleepy from the progesterone.  I slept from when I came back from work until 9 pm, when MrH had to work hard to wake me up from my sweaty heavy coma.  I woke up reluctantly, ate, took my meds, brushed my teeth, wrote my blog (i.e. the essentials :) and will go back to sleep again.  If I could sleep through the next week I would.


  1. Sorry I've been a bit behind and am catching up on blogs tonight. So glad to hear the transfer went well...ugh, the full bladder, I'm SO not looking forward to that part tomorrow, I had a similar situation during our last transfer.
    Good for you for allowing yourself to feel and do whatever is right for you in this moment. I remember the days of the sleepy haze...rest, relax all that you desire. Sending so much love, hope and positive vibes your way ((hugs))

  2. You crack me up! I'll keep my fingers crossed and send good vibes out to you! I'll e-mail you tomorrow after my dreaded appointment.

  3. You do just that...whatever you feel like doing, and forget thinking about it. Enjoy life. Don't worry, be happy. Breathe.