Thursday, November 18, 2010

the princess is packing

I ran 5 km today and didn't even bat an eyelash.  To think that it only took one month to get into the greatest running shape of my life.  All that it took is iron willpower and a good friend to keep me talking while running the countless laps.  It honestly feels like we are going out for tea and chatting about our lives and the weather, thank you I., I had a fabulous time working out with you!

If I do get pregnant, this will be my last workout for a long while (unless I can sneak a couple of runs while I am in the big city).  Tomorrow I am leaving.  MrH and I will be attending a conference, after which I will be staying a while longer and getting this transfer of two frozen embryos done.  Tonight I am packing.  So far, for 10 days in Vancouver, I have packed the following (yes, I am a high maintenance princess, with a very expensive taste for cashmere, but life is short):
In order of importance
-nail polish in pink
-nail polish in red
-sexy underwear in black
-Gstring underwear in black/pink lace
-sexy underwear in pink and black
-respective matching bras
-three pairs of sheer nylons
-cashmere sweater in white
-cashmere sweater in red 
-leather skirt in brown
-short (mini) cashmere dress in grey/black
-leather boots in white
-leather boots in brown
-red leather boots ankle height.
-one pair of skinny jeans. 
-two workout pants and two workout t-shirts.

That is it.  Plus my coat.  Forgot my perfume (this time we're taking Boucheron Initial), and a whole lotta makeup.  And a suitcase full of medication. 

I always insist on being my sexiest self while doing IVF.  It distracts from the monumental weight gain and keeps me sane and floating.  Wish me luck!  I might be posting, I might not, it depends on how busy the whole conference thingy is going to be.  

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  1. Thats quite a list! Can't do without my pink nail polish either :-)