Monday, November 29, 2010

transfer today

The transfer went well, I got there with an ultra full bladder and was made to wait for 40 minutes, which would not have been a problem were it not that my bladder was bursting. At one point my eyes were tearing from the superhuman effort made by my pelvic floor muscles. Finally, I stuck my head out from the cubicle's curtain, and with all the dignity that I could muster while covered up with a sheet I shuffled carefully to the doctor's desk and stated that "either we do it now, or I pee".  We tried to do it then, but my bladder was so full, that despite using the largest speculum available (and boy, was that ever comfy), he still couldn't fight my bladder to get to my cervix.  I had to go and void a fair bit (like half of the bladder content) in order to allow for the transfer, and then it went smoothly.

My mom was with me, and she found it impressive.  I had a strange lack of emotions, and an uncharacteristic lack of questions.  They transferred a 4AB (the best seen, apparently 4AA blasts are just about impossible) with 100% survival rate, and a 4CC (average) also 100%.  I don't worry so much about twins now after realizing that one of them was a 4CC, I don't think that one is going to make it.  In my body, the C's usually get gobbled up for breakfast by my evil macrophages.  The AB might stand a chance, but I refuse to get excited.  I really even forgot about the IVF on my way back to my town (I flew in right afterwards).  I did remember enough though to give them a wheatgrass shooter 2 oz (that is my usual booster during IVF) and a 14 oz freshly squeezed juice.  I am usually quite careful with the fruits and veggies while waiting for implantation, and although I am fairly unexcited at the moment, will still do my usual rest, eat salads, drink veg and green juices, tie myself to the bed to prevent my body from inadvertently trying to exercise (a BIG no-no at my clinic) and hey, I even broke open the seal on the folic acid bottle that I have stared at really hard for the past few months.

All in all, it went well, and although I keep on hoping that my lack of confidence and belief in the possibilities of this cycle are not going to affect the outcome, I am still berating myself a little for the pessimism.  However, things are what they are, I have done this way too many times to think otherwise. Statistics, prayer, hope and positive thinking, meditation and organic vegan eating, visualization, acupuncture and moxibustion have not helped me one iota so far.  Therefore this cycle I give myself permission to use Chanel skin care products with all of their poisonous parabens and luxurious scents, to be as pessimistic as my brain feels the need to be, and to not hope if that is not where my heart wants to go.  At least for now.

Even so...goodnight embabies :)


  1. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xoxo

  2. I think that's the best you can do...relax.

  3. Im a little behind on the posts as life got in the way, but I think of you MrsH. Im hoping this transfer has taken, I will attempt to find your and have a quick talk toon. Sending my pregnancy keeping vibes your way and praying for a most fantastic outcome MrsH.