Monday, November 1, 2010

cream puff massacre

Hey, October is done, and I have posted a total of 29 posts during the month!  If I write this much, can you imagine how much I talk ?

Not much new to report.  I have been very very happy lately.  I don't really know why, perhaps it is the light, or the fact that the new IVF is approaching, or the fact that work is going well, or perhaps it is because MrH is the best husband EVER!  There are no new crises, the birds are super cute, I am currently taming a little parrotlet that resides at my work place (he gets to spend ten minutes on my shoulder - actually hiding in my hair - every day, and he is getting used to it, the last two times he did not even draw blood when biting me, hey, that's success!).  MrH has been trying to tame him for one year, but I think I have a better chance, since I am female and the beast is male.  He is so cute, small and neurotic to no end.  When he gets stressed, he plucks all his feathers, and is completely nude on the chest.  He's been doing well for months now, so his feathers are all back, shiny and new.  I am no longer struggling with the temptation to sneak some prozac into his water.

Tomorrow I am starting to inject Suprefact (I call it superFAT) in order to suppress ovulation.  The approximate time for the next embryo transfer is in 4 weeks or so.  I am busy trying to slim down a bit before SuperFAT gets the best of my waist, but unfortunately the adipose tissue is not budging.  Even with the three day juice fast done last time, I did not lose almost any weight, at most one to two pounds.  I think it is because I have not been active; with the surgery recovery and before that with the fresh cycle, it has been a long time since I have been able to exercise.  I have decided to start exercising daily until embryo transfer day.  I have been able to do about 45 minutes on the elliptical, or one hour on the bike.  I usually do my strength training whenever the mood hits me.  I enjoy strength training, it feels a lot more defined to me, and I get almost immediate results, probably due to genetics.  I have done a total of three days of squats and lunges, and my quads are already visibly more toned.  In contrast, with the cardio, I can sweat for weeks and have nothing to show for it.  The fat is stuck on with superglue, I swear!

I am also busy watching youtube videos of japanese skin care products and routines.  I am fascinated with all the brightening and whitening skin products, not to mention all the anti aging formulations.  I am still enjoying my cellulite cream, which at the very least makes me aware that I still have cellulite on the areas that I am trying to apply it to.

Yesterday I had guests for dinner and decided to treat them to a nice dessert, so I bought some cream puffs, which are my weakness.  Being vegan, cream puffs do not qualify as non-dairy, so they do not reside anywhere near my kitchen on your average day.   However, I am not a very strict vegan, so I decided that I can try a couple of cream puffs.  I kept on "trying" them throughout the entire day, until at dinner MrH remarked that the box (that had 32 cream puffs to begin with) was looking awfully empty.  I had eaten about 16 of them as the day went on!  If that is not uncontrolled grazing, I don't know what is. Mind you, I should have had breakfast, or lunch, but I was too busy preparing dinner to think of such mundane activities, and with the cream puffs, I guess I felt quite satisfied...

Given yesterday's cream puff massacre, I decided that today will be Juice-fast Monday (I frequently have a Juice fast Monday when the weekend was a bit, um, excessive).  I had one litre of juice for breakfast and mid morning snack, and one 16 oz soy latte for lunch.  Warning:  do not try this at home.  I have literally vibrated my way throughout the entire afternoon.  I nearly tore the head off an annoying person on the phone.  Next time I will solemnly stick to my original rule that forbids coffee during a juice fast day, mostly in order to avoid war casualties.

That was my quick update.  I will write more when I actually have something to say (unless anyone actually enjoys reading updates of my very mundane happy happy life).

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