Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life as we know it

I am sitting here in the hotel, on the top floor, in a room with a view of the ocean, looking at the marina where the white boats sit quietly on the blue-green water. There are fluffy clouds hovering above the Lions Gate bridge, seagulls circling underneath, and a tug boat drawing its v-shaped tail on the water. I have just had a lovely latte and the obligatory french pastry (mrH is not here today) and am contemplating adding more red hues in my hair tomorrow (I have an appointment to refresh the highlights). I am waiting for monday, when I am getting my two embabies transferred. I have access to the most advanced, latest infertility treatment that the world as we know it can provide.

And I cannot help but notice how far life has carried me, from dark grey communist Romania, where I had to heat water on the stove to wash my hair, used menstrual rags that I would launder by hand in the sink, and never saw an avocado, or a pomegranate, or an espresso maker.

Life can be very unpredictable. And that is not always bad (huge grin :).

Here are some pictures, some of our breakfast meals, the view from the breakfast room (same view from our room), the olympic flame and the outside of the hotel, and an organic food shop nearby (Urban Fair)


  1. What an incredible journey you have traveled, you're right sometimes the unpredictable can be good. Will be thinking of you as you prepare for transfer Monday & hoping everything goes smoothly. We really are lucky to live in a time when these treatments are available to us. Positive thoughts to you!

  2. We should never say "It's impossible". After going from nothing to ALL OF THESE, then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

  3. What a miraculous journey you have been on. I am praying for you to have these embabies take and you will get beautifully pregnant and glowingly plump. Cant wait to see you in that state, you deserve to have what you desire. <3