Thursday, November 4, 2010

The evil deeds of SuperFAT

I started injecting three days ago, and am already very very hungry.  I think the name is befitting.

For the past two nights, I have had a large amount of work and a very small amount of sleep.  I am one who likes her sleep, especially her beauty sleep in the mornings.  If I have to get up before 8 am I turn into a pumpkin.  Literally.  I keep eating all day long in order to:
a.  get rid of my frustrations related to being tired
b.  stay awake (chewy crunchy things like walnuts help a lot)
c.  prove to myself that life is not as sucky as it currently appears to be.

However, it seems that this peculiarity of mine is not common knowledge and hence I was woken up to please come to work ASAP at the most ungodly hours several times during this past week.  Today I am running on empty.  I nearly fell asleep on top of the cat.  I fear that what's next is falling asleep on top of the parrot, and the poor thing, at 157 grams (I weigh him to make sure he stays slender... ha just kidding, I am not THAT insane) does not stand a chance against my 71583 grams.

So, after dinner, in order to stay awake and provide some more comfort while faced with the gargantuan task of having to practice one hour of piano (I am working on a carol called Carol of the bells), I started rummaging through the kitchen.  Again.  Which proves how little learning capacity I have in my little tiny brain.  Guess what I found?  NUTELLA!!!! I have not had Nutella for about one year, precisely since I have bought it.  I was hungry one day and shopping at Costco while hungry is not a good idea, as proven by the two large size Nutella jars that I came home with.  (But they were such a good deal!  except if you ignore the fact that, you know, I am vegan and hence I don't actually EAT Nutella).

Apparently when I am tired my veganism gives way to a new food trend, called Nutellism.  I had about three tablespoons full, with one large banana, and two handfulls of nuts (just in case the Nutella did not provide enough calories by itself, didn't want to take any chances).  Then, eroded by guilt, I decided to burn off the calories from my post dinner snack on the stationary bike.  Let me tell ya, one hour and a half later, with blisters on both my buttocks and an inability to straighten my left hamstring, I have still not burned off everything that I have consumed in that two minute period of brain arrest.  I had to stop because I had run out of Japanese skin care videos to watch on youtube, and at 11 pm it is too late for me to watch anything even remotely more intelligent.

Hence, I am going to take a hot bath and then go to sleep.  Hopefully after a nine hour snooze (yes, that is a requirement at this point in my old age) I can wake up feeling a little less...ravenous.


  1. nutellism :) Good one! I figure Nutella has got to be made with nuts right? and Nuts are healthy fat right? hehe.

    I love to smell Nutella, it makes my mouth water and I desperately wish for a taste; however, I am deathly allergic to soft tree nuts (pistachio, brazil, hazelnuts). I steer clear of the hazelnut chocolate spread for fear of my life. I do tempt fate though, by spreading it on my childrens toast in the morning for breakfast.

    Life does get better MrsH, and I feel your time to have exactly what you want is coming. In time good things come to those who wait. I just hate the waiting part myself :). Keeping you and MrH in my nightly thoughts and prayers, I cannot think of 2 people more deserving of happiness.

  2. Sometimes we read into our dreams way too much. Sometimes dreams have such a great meaning other times I think its just a recap of what is going through our mind during the day.
    I know trying to get pregnant and having to face the failure of it every month is very difficult. I had a miscarriage when I was 11 weeks pregnant and I tried 3 1/2 years before I was able to get pregnant again. I stressed over it so much that I think my body kept rejecting. Finally I moved out to BC and I started a new daily routine, did lots of exploring of my new beautiful surroundings, got so caught up in it all that I forgot to worry about not being pregnant and then it happened. Every month when I was suppose to be expecting my period while I was pregnant I keep looking and expecting it to be there, I was sure it would show up and that was it. But it didn't. I had a very hard pregnancy and I am sure I would have just given up if it weren't for Dr.H. Then 2 1/2 years after having my little girl I unexpectedly got pregnant again, this time the same thing, every month I feared the worse. But now I have a little boy. I pray for you and Dr.H. Everyday I think about Dr.H and I am positive that I would not have lived through the sickness of my first pregnancy without him. Good things come to those who wait, so hold fast to that and believe that all things are possible. God Bless!