Monday, November 22, 2010

So cold

It might seem odd that a woman like me, coming from far North, in a small town where the current temperature is -22C should complain of the incredible bone chilling cold in Vancouver.  This morning we went to the boat (MrH's surrogate child) and had to sit on it until the temperature warmed up inside from -3C to above zero, in order to prevent the pipes from bursting when the engine was turned on.  We had a small ceramic heater and another small gas heater, as well as an alcohol stove on which I made some Roiboos tea.  Brrrr. It warmed up a little, but the entire day I felt chilled, and had a migraine, and had to pee non stop because of the cold.  I was constantly cold, headachey, nauseated, and needing to pee.  On top of that, I was hungry.  After the little stint on the boat, we went to Capers (it's like a Whole Foods in US, organic food) and had a warm meal (which cost a little more than a restaurant fillet steak with veggies and rice would have, perhaps including desert).  We had some steamed veggies, with palak paneer, and a cauliflower/peas/potato casserole (about two tablespoons of each), plus a carrot ginger soup which I could not resist because I was so bloody cold.  Because of the carrot ginger soup, I think I am at 1200 calories today, otherwise I would have stayed within the limits.  It is a bit too cold for 1000 calories, I am thinking at the moment.

This whole chillin' experience makes me wonder whether it is possible to go through life without owning a pair of Uggs. I have tried to avoid them up to now, but enough is enough, say my cold feet.
What makes it so unbearable is the fact that everywhere you go, it is cold.  For instance, inside Capers, I had to keep my outdoors coat on, and put my gloves on whenever not handling the spoon.  In my town back home, it is -20 to -30 outside, yes, but when you get indoors somewhere it is very warm and comfortable, and you quickly defrost.  Here it took one half hour soak in the tub to finally get the chill out of my bones.

The conference is starting tomorrow, and I don't feel like going, but I have to.  I really really need a vacation.  MrH and I both need a vacation.  We haven't had a real vacation since one year ago.  I tried to take some pictures of the inside of our room, but I am not a very good photographer, and we put our stuff everywhere, so it does not look as glamorous as it did yesterday, however I took a couple of pictures, and will likely add more as the time goes on.  Note the nice fluffy bathrobe that the hotel provided.  Note also the very large amount of cosmetic products on the counter.  They are all MrH's (just kidding, he has the toothbrush and, um, that's it).  Also note the bottle of Estrace and the evil Suprefact grinning from the left hand side of the countertop.  Thursday I will burn it in the Fires Of Where it belongs if my ultrasound shows a good lining and I can stop taking it.  


  1. Fancy-smancy, the bed looks like a place I would like to spend a lot of time in. Too bad you can't blow off the conference but I guess it is fun just to be in a different town. Ugg boot are a necessary part of life. Don't get me wrong there has to be limitations put on them but they are a necessity. Hubby hates mine more than any other article of clothing. I saw a pair of men's Uggs at Winners(our version of Marshalls) and I was so tempted to buy them for hubby. If he could just understand that they aren't a fashion statement they are for the pure wearing pleasure. Anyways, I hope you can sneak away for a little mini vacation while on your work trip.

  2. We have Winners in BC as well, there are lots of them in Vancouver calling my name...

    It is just so hard to justify spending so much $$$ on such an unflattering article of clothing. If something costs more than 100$ then it must either make me look slimmer or be able to cook breakfast!

  3. Quick update: 1400 cal, could NOT resist the biscotti and latte. Best biscotti ever!