Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I don't have OCD, not even a little bit

I sat through an entire day of lectures, and heroically stayed awake the whole time.  That is quite an achievement, especially with the 7 am wake up time (the princess does NOT like to get up before 8 am).  What is even more of an achievement is that I did not have a single pastry, and boy, did they have fabulous looking treats the whole day at the conference!  French pastries of all kind, cheese platters, fruit platters, cold cuts, etc.  All I had was coffee.  Lots of it.  Which is how I managed to stay awake to begin with.

At the end of the day, my total calorie intake was hovering around 1400 or so, a little more than I had planned, but tolerable.  I think I will be content with anything below 1500 for now, as long as I run my 4.5 miles as usual. I was alone in the hotel's fabulous workout room.  They provide towels, water, toiletries, a nice sauna (that was so relaxing after the workout), and once again I felt very pampered.  Tomorrow I am hoping that I can get my foot into BEDO, a nice clothing store in Vancouver which, if my memory serves me right, tends to always have a sale that overlaps this conference (I swear this is not why I signed up for it.  The French pastries are not the reason either.  I am called towards higher learning, 's all).

To prove once and for all that I do, undeniably, have obsessive compulsive disorder, here is what I did this evening after my workout:
9:30  sauna, drink Perrier
9:45 get back to room, undress, have a hot bath
10:00 weigh myself, weighing in at an ALL TIME HIGH of 168 lb. Never before have I been this heavy while non pregnant.  The scale is not my friend.  Will toss it from 22nd floor and never ever weigh myself again.
10:30  pee.  Weigh myself again:  167 lb.  This is looking better.  Go back to reading cheap girlie book while holding MrH's hand in fabulous bed.
11:00 pee again.  Weigh again, just for kicks:  166.6 lb.  Feeling A LOT less anxious.  This scale is not so bad after all.  Perhaps I should buy one for home as well.
11:45 pee again.  Should not have drank so much water.  Resist urge to weigh again, since I need to prove to myself that I am in control of my OCD.
11:46 after long debate, weigh myself again.  166.1 lb
Go to bed a happy woman.
Can't wait to pee again in the morning.

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  1. You totally cracked me up with the multiple weigh ins! Hope you have a great time shopping and enjoy the rest of your trip. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words, that's awesome we're cycling so close together...cringe just a little thinking about starting the Progesterone again, all worth it of course, but still ouch!