Sunday, March 16, 2014

update from the hospital

Yesterday I did not pee almost at all.  400 ml was all I made in almost 20 h.  So they threatened me with an IV, and I started drinking massive amounts of water, I drank about a litre per hour for three or four hours.  It took a while for things to start working, but they finally did, and towards evening I was putting out a normal amount of urine.  I was so dehydrated from the stress of admission that my sense of thirst had completely gone out the window.

I am doing much better, BP 130/80, has stabilized over the past day or so, and I have not gained any further edema.  The baby looks good, and if tomorrow's ultrasound shows good cord flow, then I might get to go home and continue on bed rest there.  I only have mild proteinuria, and mildly elevated BP, but I do feel that I was starting to turn sour, so it is a good thing that they admitted me and stabilized me.  I am a lot more relaxed when I am in the hospital and taken care of.  I have also had some time to think about my priorities right now:  this pregnancy is the first priority, it has to be.  It is a much more fragile situation than anything else going on, and it is only for a limited further six weeks or so.  Emma is very well looked after by my mother, so I can relax about mothering her right now and focus on myself and the gestation.

I am meditating for about half an hour twice a day, and hopefully that helps to keep the blood pressure down as well.  I don't get up that much, just for bathroom, and for about one hour per day total with walking to the water cooler, and stretching my legs.  I plan on continuing that as much as I can at home.

Every day that we gain is a bonus, but I feel that we will make it for a whole other week.  I have a good feeling about it.

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  1. So glad you're stabilizing and things are looking up. Hopeful you get to go home soon and everything remains drama free for the remainder of your pregnancy! You're right this is definitely the first priority, glad you have help with Emma too, one less stress is definitely a good thing!