Tuesday, March 25, 2014

32w2d, worsening again

My BP is now reaching 156/98 and I even had a 158/102 last night.  Evenings are definitely worse, daytime better.  The proteinuria is now at +3.  Things are going down the hill from where I am sitting.  The home care nurse thinks I am lucky if I make it through the week.  I am still hoping for two weeks, but that is a long shot.  I am meditating every day, especially in the evenings, and it helps a bit with the blood pressure, but I am not expecting it to slow down the progression of the disease of course.  Even meditation has its limits :)

I am trying to decide whether the term "unlucky" really applies to me as far as pregnancies.  I mean we have infertility, incompetent cervix, a propensity for post partum hemorrhaging, and now preeclampsia.  Despite all these issues, I got pregnant three times, got one baby out alive, and have every hope to get the second one out as well, even though not fully baked, but at least at a reasonable gestational age.  What is luck?  Is it what you are given genetically, or what you are given to compensate for the genetic and health lacunae?  I have a wonderful family that looks after Emma better than I can at the moment, and I access to one of the best health systems in the world, not to mention that I am going to deliver a top notch hospital that is well equipped and experienced in looking after women and babies like me and Daniel.  Is that luck?  Being somewhere else, at a different time, I would have never had babies.

That being said, if the OB runs into any trouble at all, I give him my wholehearted blessing to take out my uterus...


  1. I am sorry that things are worsening. It sounds like you are in great hands. Thinking of you and baby Daniel.

  2. Scarlet was born at 33+1 and was 5lbs 4oz. Granted she was on the porky side of prematurity, and other than the first 24 hours of CPAP required no other life sustaining measures. You are probably still looking at approximately three - four weeks in the NICU if he is born this week though.

    I am glad you feel your care is top notch (I am in Toronto) and yet my pre-e was missed and turned into an 80% abruption with Xavier. To be completely honest, your updates make me so damn nervous.

    I wish they would just decide to take him out and call it a day. The dangers of leaving him in seem crazy to me!!

  3. Hi, think you must go into hospital now so everything is available should anything go wrong. We all want you, Daniel and the family to be okay. About 32 weeks is fine, I am sure. What is his predicted weight?

  4. Are you on meds yet?

    Kaia was 32 weeks exactly and she spent 7 weeks in the NICU, although she probably had worse lungs than a 'normal' preemie due to her lack of fluid. She was 1540g (3lbs 6 1/2 oz) which is the 3-50th% (30th?ish) She did well and has no lasting issues from her prematurity, but it's certainly not exactly what anyone plans on. I wish you the rest of the week (if possible!), and hope that things don't continue to worsen.

    Thinking positive thoughts!