Thursday, March 20, 2014


Yesterday the nurses were trying to tell me that my blood pressure is good enough for me to get up more.  One of them made me feel neurotic indeed for lying here all day long.  So, I got up for lunch a bit, and for dinner for two hours.  It was my mother's birthday, so we celebrated, and had a "hot pot" which is a soup in which you boil various small cuts of fish, seafood, meat and vegetables.  It was lovely, but afterwards I laid down for two hours, and even after that my BP was 144/98.  The high diastolic made my whole body feel like it was vibrating, a most unpleasant feeling.

I think today I am going to be a lot more strict, like my instincts tell me to.  I was up to the lab to get my blood work, and I also had the nurse come over for the NST (which baby passed), and I am now waiting for the results.  My BP has been 85-91 diastolic, so not too bad, and I think it will continue to lower if I behave, or at least not increase.  I have trace proteinuria again, nothing to be excited about, but another step back.  I wonder if this illness will be full of steps forward/steps back, or if it will suddenly start to worsen.  Only time can tell.

It is HARD sitting here and waiting for something bad to happen.  The most helpful thing so far is to know that I am almost 32 weeks (and think that I will make it to 32 weeks at least), and also I find it encouraging to read other women's blogs who were on bed rest for various other reasons.  I have not found many who are doing preeclampsia bed rest, most of the preeclampsia stories out there on the internet are precipitous stories of suddenly getting ill, and finding out that delivery is imminent.  Perhaps that would have been me if my OB were not very observant.

PS. my labs are back.  All normal except for the proteinuria, PCR of 60 which is considered +1 on a dipstick.  Not too bad, but worse than it was (my last PCR was 8).  Proteinuria by itself is not a reason to panic though, just something to watch as part of the bigger picture.  By the way, normal PCR is 0-22 at Women's hospital.

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