Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 2 post partum

I am still in the high risk ward today but am finally starting to feel more normal. I am still on magnesium. They were supposed to stop it last night but instead had to bump up the dose to double because I was twitchy and hyperreflexive. I only started to decrease my reflexes today so the magnesium got decreased again. As long as I am on magnesium I am stuck in bed and have a catheter. Cannot stand well or even sit too long or else I pass out. And, most importantly, I cannot go and see Daniel except for whenever the nurses take me in a wheelchair. Except sitting in a wheelchair makes me pass out so it is a brief brief visit, if at all.

I am making three drops of colostrum at each pumping session. It does not seem like making milk is my body's highest priority right now. Recovering from the preeclampsia/csection/hysterectomy/hemorrhage/electrolyte abnormalities is a bigger priority. Oh well. I will continue to pump and hope for the best.


  1. Hi, you just get better and all will be well. We continue to think of you.

  2. pump, pump, pump! my first week after Scarlet was born at 33 weeks was slooooow going. It will come, probably by day 5