Wednesday, March 19, 2014


My blood pressure tends to increase to 144/93 max when I get out of bed, even for brief stuff like eating, and so I probably should avoid doing those things.  It does go back down to normal values like even 116/78 after resting again for a few hours, but I want to be very careful this week, as my short term goal is to get the pregnancy to 32 weeks.  If I can, then my new goal will be 34 weeks.  I think if I reach that, then I should consider myself lucky.  Today I had trace protein on a concentrated specimen, but I redid it on a regular urine and it was negative.  I think the nurse meant for me to test on a regular sample.

The Antepartum Home Care nurse came by yesterday, and she likes to talk a lot!  She brings my BP up just with her non stop talking.  I think she might settle once she becomes comfortable with me.  I am so thankful for this wonderful program, as they are coming by twice a week to do NST's at home, and they call me daily, as well as provide the BP cuff and the dipsticks, and follow my blood work.  They also call the doctor if anything goes sour.  It is great to be enrolled in this program, and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such good medical care so far.

Today I am alone with Emma for a few hours, and making heavy use of Netflix to entertain her from the supine position.  She enjoys Diego, so I am in luck, but I have to admit that part of me is feeling guilty about my daughter's brain taking in so much TV!  She does not want to read books, and I am not about to pressure her into any activities right now.  My focus is so much on baby Daniel that I am not too concerned about anything regarding Emma, I think whatever happens in the next five weeks can be rectified later when I can get back to teaching her stuff.

So, overall, I am spending my day lying in bed and thinking about life, or browsing the internet.  The goal for today is to find a good book to read.  I am also learning Aperture, the photo editing program. The first few days on bed rest are the hardest, because the situation is still pretty volatile and it is hard to focus enough on any activities not related to the pregnancy to enjoy them.  One cannot get lost in a book or a movie because the brain keeps on worrying and processing "what if's".  However, after a few days, things settle and I am hoping that I can find a rhythm to allow the days to pass smoothly.

Today is my mother's birthday, so we are going to have a little party tonight.  I am probably going to lie in bed, but it is still nice to see my family celebrating and enjoying good food.


  1. You're definitely right, for now whatever works for you, baby Daniel and Emma to get through the next few weeks is good. I have another friend on bedrest who had the same guilty feelings and know I will too if I end up in that position but you and baby staying healthy are most important and an extra bit of TV time ultimately won't harm Emma.
    Hope things continue drama free and you make it a few more weeks!!

  2. Thanks for the update. Do what you need to do. Hope you get to your goal of 34 weeks but if not, your baby still stands a good chance.