Saturday, March 15, 2014

I landed up in hospital

This was quite an eventful time for me.  I saw the OB on Wednesday, and my weight had increased 9 lb, blood pressure 140/92, no proteinuria.  I then went back to see him again on Friday, and I had gained a further 8 lb, with same BP readings, but +1 protein.  He sent me straight to the hospital for admission, and here I am, an inpatient again, sooner than I had expected.

The labs showed that my platelets decreased slightly from 164 to 146, and the uric acid went up from 345 to 370.  No protein was present on the urine PCR (yeah, they have urine PCR here, fancy stuff).  I am now doing a 24 hour urine to confirm, but the dipstick upon admission was also negative, so I am thinking that the OB's receptionist over interpreted it or something.

The BP in hospital ranged from 158/89 (when I just got into my room) to 135/90 most often.  I think that they will start me on labetalol.  The baby looks great, the NST was fabulous, and I am getting an ultrasound on Monday.  I did freak them out though because they gave me steroids, and I am now so full of beans that I am typing at 100 words per minute!!!  Mind you, I have only slept for three hours last night, so I am pretty sure I am typing nonsense.

I miss Emma so much...  My mom is bringing her tonight, and we talked about bringing her every evening for 1-2 hours.  I am going to read to her, and maybe draw/colour if mom brings some books. I got to sing her good night songs over the phone and she fell asleep, it was so sweet!  I don't think she can tolerate more than a relatively brief visit daily, she needs to be outside in fresh air, playing with the dog, not in a hospital room with me.  And seeing me every day should give her (and me) reassurance that we are alright.  Last night, when it was time to leave, she started pulling on my hand and saying "mommy let's go, let's go with the grey car to bua's house (bua is the name she gave my mom)".   I cried a bit thinking about this, how eager she was to direct me home with her... but I remembered that I am here in a big part to protect her from losing her mother.

I was going to fight this admission somewhat, because I saw no reason to manage me as an outpatient, except that of course with the labs being somewhat worse, I guess that I would have been wrong.  I need to be here for now, until we figure out what is going on.  HELLP kills, I am well aware of that, and I am fortunate enough to be under surveillance.

The care that I am getting here is excellent.  The OB's are taking things seriously, I am frequently monitored, and there is a tertiary NICU available if I should deliver right in the hospital.  I am in the best place possible.  Not to mention that they have free wireless internet :)

Will update when I have something new to say.  If you are so inclined, pray for me and for the baby.  Thank you!


  1. Thinking of you and the family. Please update regularly so we can know how things are going.
    Elize and Nico

  2. So sorry to hear you landed in the hospital, but glad to hear that you're getting good care! Happy to pray for you and your family. XO