Wednesday, March 26, 2014

hospitalized again

I got admitted again today.  I think the doctor on call was thinking of just giving me some blood pressure meds and sending me home, but I asked her to rather keep me, because I am starting to feel unwell.  Swelling is much worse, and I am now getting corneal edema when I wake up, making my vision in the one eye (on the side I sleep on) blurry for about an hour or two.  I also felt very shaky and puky today, so I was not comfortable going home.  It is not just a blood pressure issue.  My proteinuria is getting a lot worse as well.  I think I need to be watched a bit since I feel like I am getting worse.

The doctor in the assessment room thought I am lucky if I make it to 34 weeks.  I am 32w3d today.  Let's see.  I tend to agree with her, and will do my best to last that long, but it seems that no matter what I am doing in terms of resting and keeping salt levels down, the proteinuria is worsening.  My sodium level is quite low as it is, well below the normal limits, so I have to take some salt in, otherwise it will drop too much and I will have to have an IV, which in any case I might end up with sometime in the next week.

I don't know yet if I can get released home again, perhaps if I stabilize, but I think they are going to keep me for at least a few days.  Or until they decide to do the C section.

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  1. Hi, just stay where you are until the C section. Emma is taken care of, and you now need this care and constant monitoring. Thinking of you all the time.