Thursday, March 6, 2014

swelling, swelling

Whoa, I have gained 6 lb this week, and yes, I am aware that the week is not even over yet.  In four days, I should specify, my weight has gone up by 6 lb.  I am now 200 lb, the weight I was aiming for at delivery.

I am very sure that it is all fluid.  I track my calories religiously on myfitnesspal and I have not gone over 2300 calories, in fact I have stayed around 1800 calories on most days, except on the days when I swim half an hour, then I add an extra 200-300 calories if I am very hungry.  Also, my carb intake is around 45%, which is very decent.

Today I woke up with my fingers the size of sausages.  I cannot make a fist at all.  I have not looked at my feet yet, but I can thankfully open my eyes, though I am puffy.  This weekend I am supposed to have my beautiful maternity photographs done, sigh...Hopefully she is decent with photoshop.

I have noticed that being in the water helps a lot, and I take Emma to the pool for two hours at a time, as well as swim for half an hour a few times a week.  I only do about 800 m front crawl, and have been planning to slowly increase by 50m per week until I reach 1 km, then perhaps stay there for the duration of the pregnancy. I really need to spend as much time as possible in the water, something about the hydrostatic pressure (and lack of gravity?) is very helpful with this swelling.  I now recall why I was such an avid swimmer during my last pregnancy :), then I had the time to do 1.5 to 2 km in a leisurely fashion almost every day.

My BP is still good, 110/84 or so.  I have an old dipstick and did a urine protein, but not having the box anymore I cannot really tell what the colour should be, I just watched the square that I know corresponds to the protein to see if there are any big changes.  There were no big changes, so I am not thinking that I am spilling massive amounts of protein.

Don't know what is happening with the fluid retention, but I am really hoping it will stabilize.  As it is, I am heading towards 210 lb at delivery if I don't gain any more fluid.  A lot more than I was hoping for, but so be it.  Healthy baby boy at the end, fingers crossed.


  1. Buna, Ioana! Felicitari, sarcina usoara pina la capat, copilasi sanatosi si numai bine tuturor! Te pup. Larisa :-)

  2. I don't read all the time nod don't know the cause of your swelling but I was able to really manage my weight well using trim healthy mama during my last pregnancy. They just explain everything reply well and have a couple chapters specifically for pregnancy. Anyway, hope things go well with baby boy.