Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday check in

I am a little late for the Thursday weight check-in:  Emma has been fussy the whole day and I did not get to the computer at all.  The dieting is still going, (for those reading from ICLW, I am in the process of losing 35 lb after giving birth to my daughter Emma on August 10).  I weighed 178 lb this morning (start weight 187 lb) so officially breaching the 180's barrier, and nine pounds lost since the start of my diet.  My husband is full of praises for how I look, which helps me a lot to stay motivated.  I find that once I lose some of the weight, I am tempted to stop or to slack off (which in the world of dieting is bad).  I still have 23 lb to go, so I must not stop.

I became interested in aromatherapy again (I was always into perfumes and smells and the chemistry behind it, but during the pregnancy I became intolerant of most smells, so I had to stop using fragrances and essential oils).  I am building my collection of essential oils, and experimenting on my husband with methods to induce deep sleep (and sneaking in an aphrodisiac here and there, but he does not have to know, haha... maybe that is why the parrots are pecking each other).  I am getting an ultrasonic diffuser by mail sometime next week, which should make the process more efficient.  I also made a solid perfume this week, using 1 tbsp beeswax, 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted together, and when cooler I added bergamont and grapefruit essential oils (about 25 drops total).  It smells lovely, and I use it more as a hand and foot cream.

I will try to write a longer post this weekend about Emma's development.  She is smiling all the time, and "talking to us", this week she has also tried to help MrH open an envelope, reaching for it interested.  We dance every day to Alicia Keys in the mornings and generally have a fabulous time.  I am still the happiest mom on the planet :)


  1. Hello! I'm popping in from ICLW (I'm #5) and first off. CONGRATS!!!! You are doing amazing with your weight loss and I know you can keep it up!

    Aromatherapy has always interested me but I suffer from so many allergies I think it's kind of a fools dream lol.

    Emma sounds adorable. And from her photo on the side bar she is. <3

  2. Ooooh, I would LOVE to have you practice aromatherapy on me. Cool that you're doing that, and that you make your own perfume!

    On the comment you left for me, did you mean you're reading "Found?" If so, I hope you'll sign up for the book tour at Nice to "meet" you through ICLW, and congrats on your beautiful daughter!

    ICLW #29