Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bison having sex while smelling rose otto

First off, I will share something that I found insanely hilarious:  once in a while I check for "traffic sources" that lead people to my blog, in other words I look to see what search words someone typed into a search engine to lead onto my pages.  Occasionally I will publish the funniest ones.  Today's keyword/phrase is "bison having sex".  Yep, someone typed that into google and my blog came up as a possible answer.  If anybody has an explanation for this, please go ahead and post it in the comments.

Jumping ahead to the post:  Rose otto is the essential oil of rose (rosa damascena, or Bulgarian rose).  It is insanely expensive.  Which is why I just had to try it.  I bought a minuscule amount online from my usual essential oil supplier, and put one drop in the diffuser tonight.  I was shocked how far one drop can go:  it smelled throughout the entire bedroom and upstairs, not strongly, but distinctly.  Will it make the bison have sex?  who knows...

Because of Emma I am limited in the kind of oils I can use, as well as the quantities, but if chosen carefully even with a small baby I can still surround myself with heavenly smells.  At least good thing MrH likes the smells in the house, which is nice.  I don't know how I would deal with a husband who does not like smells, like my father, who has a very sensitive nose and will protest if I wear hand cream at the table.  (I think him and I share the same genes as far as the nausea factor goes, except for me the sensitivity only kicks in when I am pregnant, and for him it is all the time :).

On the good news front:  the appliance repairman showed up today to fix my dishwasher.  This is record time.  Normally people wait for one month at least.  I know that because my friend is waiting to have her oven fixed for over two weeks, and she is booked with the same (only!) company for the end of November.  I must have been quite convincing on the phone yesterday.  In any case, the guy found a date pit in the pump that empties the dishwasher.  That would explain it.  It was a 100 dollar date pit, or at least that is how much it cost for me to find out about its existence.  If only I had known, I would have removed it myself.  Embarrassing to say the least... But because I know him from an exercise class that I used to attend regularly, he taught me how to open the pump for future reference, so it was an expensive lesson but not all is lost.

On the weight front, since tomorrow is weigh in day, I am barely going to scrape by with 177 lb (one lb down for the week).  I have had a couple of days of anxiety and tiredness, and with the sprained ankle I took a break since Saturday from all forms of exercise, so I have not been as focused.  I am however starting to focus again, and the ankle is improving, so on we go.  I need to lose at least 2 lb per week to reach my goal by January, when I am going back to work.  If I don't reach my goal weight of 155 lb, I am not likely to fit into any clothes for work, and that would be a problem, a big problem, since I cannot show up at work in Lululemon yoga stretch pants, however comfy they might be.

I need some advice: what to wear at Emma's baptism.  I have a top that fits but only goes with pants, so I will need to buy some pants, or wear my old maternity pants which look nice but not extraordinary.  I also have a skirt that I am five pounds from fitting into, but no top to match it that is festive enough.  The last option is to spend some money on a new outfit, or on a new pair of pants, but I find that a pricey option because I don't think I will be ever using the outfit again.  If you have attended a baptism or have baptised your child, what did you wear, or what did the mother wear:  skirt, pants, or dress?  or a suit (gulp! expensive option).

PS. I googled "bison having sex" and my blog did not come up in the first couple of pages.  It must have been a different search engine.  For a fun assignment, since you all have ample spare time (why else are you reading my blabbering?) try to type "bison having sex" into various search engines and see which one leads you to my blog :)


  1. one of my favorite things is seeing what people search for to land at my blog

    thanks for stopping by...i hope you write more about essential oils :)

  2. My blog is unsearchable. I keep thinking I should allow searches to see what will show up lol.

    Also Bison Having Sex does lead to your blog now HAHA

  3. how about buying a top that is tunic style? That way, you can wear it with pants or a skirt. H&M usually carries a lot of tunic-y tops and they aren't very pricey so even if you only wear it for one season, it won't be too painful on the wallet...

    also - no luck with "bison having sex" leading me here. but your comment on my blog did, thank you!