Wednesday, October 12, 2011

life is good

Just a quick update before I dash to the indoor running track:  I have lost a total of 7 lb since I started the diet, currently being at 180 lb.  That is 2 lb in the past week, which included Thanksgiving (I obviously have behaved :).

Emma is more and more entertaining.  We run daily, her in the stroller, me pushing her (one day we'll change places).  I love the Stokke stroller for its height, as Emma is feeling much more secure close to me than she would close to the ground.  She laughs often and enjoys the speed.  She cries if I slow down, so honestly she is my best training partner, pushing me continuously.  She also loves her baths, kicking her little legs when we bathe together, almost daily.  She screams my head off when I take her out, even though I try to keep her warm.  She is such a lovely little girl, and I feel immensely blessed to have her EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Yesterday I was running outdoors on a path on which I run every summer, and I have suddenly had a flashback to one of the numerous times that I ran to forget about infertility, either before an IVF or after an unsuccessful procedure.  Every step on that path has memories of infertility, dashed hopes, pain, impatience, doubt.  And now I ran it with Emma.  This was an immensely healing experience for me, and I have ended up thanking her out loud for choosing us to be her parents.  What a difference she has made to my life, how much happier and brighter I feel!  Thank you, thank you, thank you little girl for being brave and taking a chance on us.  We will do our best not to disappoint :)

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