Saturday, October 8, 2011


I must confess, I love the blogging world.  I love reading other people's blogs even more than writing my own, and I like it a lot when people comment, because it makes me feel like someone out there is actually reading my blabbering.  Oh, I know I can use the stats and see if people click on the pages, but when one actually writes a comment it means a lot to me.  It is like a conversation, and that is what makes us a community.  Which is why I am going to sign up again for the International Comment Leaving Week (ICLW), see the link on the right hand corner in brown for this month.  Who knows how I will find the time, between exercising and caring for my newborn daughter, but we shall try.

I found some interesting blogs lately, one of which was about how to have great legs.  I believe it is called the Great Legs blog or something like that.  I am sure if I search for it I am going to find a blog about how to have great abs, great breath, and definitely I know that there is one for shiny long hair, 'cause I used to read it.  Anything you want, you name it, someone else out there is obsessed with it even more than you and has become expert enough at the issue to write about it.  I LOVE THE INTERNET!

Speaking of great legs, I am going on with the diet, I weighed 181 lb this morning, which is fabulous!  I cannot believe what a long way I still have to go until I can fit into my large size clothes, not to mention the medium size.  It is a slow process, but I am concentrating on it, and it is going on.  This morning I have tried a jazzercise class, which reminded me of hi-low impact aerobics that I used to teach at some point when living in Vancouver.  I enjoyed the group, and the opportunity to show off my lululemon top (I am going through a lululemon stage, a couple of years behind the rest of Vancouver, but hey, I was piss poor at the stage when lululemon became the mandatory gym wear in Vancouver so I used to work out in my old beat up t-shirts and my dad's pants.  I think I looked quite sexy though, in a carpenter-girl sort of way.

I am nervous about Thanksgiving dinner.  Similarly to many people, I like to eat more than my diet allows when I go out, and we are going out to someone's house who is a good cook. If you have any tips on how to stick to the diet while at the same time not making the host feel uncomfortable (as I would feel if someone refused to eat my pumpkin pie) please share.


  1. Load up on the healthier items, and take little bits of the others. Share your dessert (and maybe your mashed potatoes, etc) with your hubby (who, if he is anything like my hubby, will be going for seconds anyway). Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (And hey, it's okay to eat a little more for one day, right? At least that's how I justify eating a piece of pie with whipped cream).

  2. Enjoy yourself...all in moderation.