Tuesday, October 25, 2011

frustration about my dishwasher

At least my post titles give you a fair warning about how boring my blog has become...but boring is good...(for me, not so much for entertainment readers though).  Anyway, if you want to hear me ranting about service in Northern British Columbia, feel free to keep reading.

My dishwasher has died.  He/she was very young, only 1.5 years old, just barely out of warranty.  I might have ridden my poor slave too hard, who knows, perhaps one load a day is more than Kenmore has designed their products to handle.  Perhaps other people do their dishes only once a week for all I know.  In any case, my poor dishwasher has one day keeled over and infarcted its pump (the thing that pumps the water out after the dishes are done).  I will not describe here just how much fun MrH had cleaning out that dirty water from the bottom of the dishwasher (which I have named Splashy in this tale, in order to protect his/her privacy.  The real name will not be revealed).

So, Splashy Kenmore is dry and alone in my kitchen for eight days.  The very next day after Splashy got sick, I called Sears and asked to have it fixed.  I was given the good news that the warranty had just expired, but I said breathlessly that I did not care, I just wanted my dear Splashy back.  So please send me over an appliance ambulance complete with resuscitation kit.  I was assured that I would be called within two days by the service doctor.

A week has passed, and nothing.  I loaded Emma on her stroller, did my hair and make up and went over to Sears to seduce the manager in order to save Splashy.  I gave him my best smile and asked what the F$#% is going on.  I was told to call the service place myself and ask them where I was on that list.  Which I did.  And found out that I wasn't ON that list at all.  I then called the service dispatcher in Ontario (at least it wasn't in India!) and they put me on hold for half an hour, after which they confirmed that indeed I was not on that list, because the service request had been rejected.  Rejected by whom?  I feel like Splashy is on the list for organ transplant or something.

Back on hold, forty five minutes later after I had my breakfast, my latte, my second latte, my third latte and my tachycardic spell from too much coffee, I was assured that I am now back on the list.  SAVE MY DISHWASHER I feel like yelling in the phone.  Not only that, but apparently there still is warranty for parts and electronics, and the pump is an electronic organ, so hopefully my wallet won't be gutted by the end of the week.  As we all know, I need the money to buy makeup.


  1. Visiting from ICLW...

    I would go wild without my dishwasher. By the way, I relish those events people may thing are "boring" because that means life is going pretty good. ;)

  2. Dearest MrsH. Thank you for your lovely comments on my Calypso. It really means the world to me.

    Being without a dishwasher is awful! I dread to think that when we move we won't have somewhere to plug in our trusty friend :(

  3. We're about the same size and shooting for the same goal. Clothes are a BIG problem! Going to the mall and scouring the clearance racks got me a skirt and nice blouse for under $15. Hope you can find something pretty for cheap!