Saturday, October 22, 2011

beauty therapy

During ICLW I try to post every day, because it is an important way to meet new people in the blogging world.  However, I must say that I have nothing intelligent to write about lately.  I think I am keeping myself too busy to think.  I sprained my ankle running, and today re-injured it a bit during jazzercise, so I really will have to take it easier with the exercising.  That should give me more time to just be and feel and think and write.

First I will start with a resolution: no more baking while I am trying to lose weight.  I baked banana bread yesterday, and despite the fact that it only had two tbsp of sugar and two tbsp of oil for the whole loaf, I ate too much (three slices? with peanut butter and honey... instead of dinner, ouch) and woke up weighing 179 lb.  I know we should not weigh ourselves daily, but heck if I don't see every single mistake on that scale if I weigh myself daily.  I mean, I never gain 1 lb after eating my usual meals.  So, no more baking.  No more anything that will put me out of my routine, other than one meal: Emma's baptism.  It will be on November 12, and I plan on eating a little more freely then.  But not overeating.  I have to get it in my head that overeating is out of my life for good, and that if it shows up again uninvited, I have to assess why and do my best to avoid future situations where it is likely to happen.

I was doing my hair with hot rollers today, and I came up with another observation:  hot rollers take time.  Five minutes to apply, and two to remove, to be more precise.  They do create a nice wave and lots of volume that stays the whole day, they are more gentle on the hair than a curling or straightening iron, but they take more time.  So, the truth is that at least in my life, with limited time for self-grooming, I will have to chose one aspect of my beauty routine that I want to emphasize and spend time on, and be more minimal on the other aspects.  In the past I used to chose my make up as the part to emphasize, and do my hair pretty much in the same way daily, using a curling or straightening iron for variation.  (BTW, within the make up routine, one can spend more time and money on products for the face, or for the eyes, or for the lips, so in there too there is a way to break it up in order to spend time on the one feature that one wants emphasized.  Lately I have been focusing on creating a flawless complexion, which takes quite a bit of steps since my complexion is not flawless, given my lack of sleep, hehehe...).  Now, I want to create a voluminous hair, so I have to limit something else in order to steal the extra four minutes for the hair routine.  (I kid you not, my self care is THAT regimented.  I have OCD).  So, the extra time is coming from clothing (with only two pairs of pants that fit me, and both of them jeans, I don't really have to spend too much time choosing or ironing:) and it will probably also come from skin care.  I have simplified my skin care regime a lot: wash, remove makeup, add vitamin C 20% serum, add lactic acid/salicylic acid gel, and some basic eye cream.  When I want pampering, I also add some herbal recovery gel from Jurlique.  (If you think this is complex, you should have seen what I was doing before:  cream for face, cream for neck, cream for boobs, cream for butt, cream for waist, cream for hands, cream for feet.  That was before I had a child.  Now it's one cream for everything, and I make it :).

Anyway, I am blabbering.  I had better stop for today.  If you want more random wandering thoughts then stop by tomorrow.  I might blabber about cooking.  I wish, really, that I had some deeper thoughts, but I just don't.  I am very superficial at the moment, so on we go.


  1. Hope your ankle heals... I love using hot curlers, but they indeed take too much time, so most of the time my hair looks like crap...haha :)

    Happy ICLW!
    Carmela #77

  2. Sorry to hear about your ankle, and I hope it feels better soon! It was hard for me to stop baking too, but I would have destroyed my diet if I gave into all my sugar filled whims (which is almost all the time). Don't beat yourself up about not having "deep thoughts". I'm not sure if I ever had one, lol!