Tuesday, October 4, 2011

flattering comments...NOT!

On the plus side, I weigh 182 lb, which is very good.  Two pounds down in one week.  MrH thinks I am an irritable bitch when I lose weight, but he is willing to put up with it so on we go.  I went running today for my current 4 km distance at the indoor running track.  It is a beautiful building, with two hockey rings on the first level, a speed skating ring on the second level, and a walking/running track overlooking all the other levels.  The lady who was supervising was someone I knew from work, and she had not seen me for about two years.  She did not recognize me!  we had a long chat, and at the end she asked me where I am from.  I told her I am from Romania, and it then clicked to her who I was, and she said the first thing that came to her mind: oh my God, you used to be so skinny and pretty!  (as in now you are not!!!).  I would tell my husband about you and how good you look, how nicely your clothes fit, etc.  She went on and on.  Like I destroyed some kind of monument.  Ahem.

True enough.  I am not skinny.  But I will be.  I told her that I am running and dieting and that I have already lost 5 lb, but hey, she could not shake the disappointment off her face.   Hey, lady, I just had a baby, get over it.  But it was shocking for me to realize just how different I must look, with the extra 30 lb on board (probably the lycra pants did not do me any favours either).  It was also shocking to see how she did not believe, not truly believe, that I could lose this weight.  Puh-leeze.  Who do you think you are talking to, lady, do you have any idea how much harder having this baby was than losing 30 lb?  How much deprivation and frustration I have had to endure?  I think I could have lost 150 lb in the time that it took me to have this baby, and it would have been an easier journey.  That's the thing, surviving infertility and somehow resolving it puts one in a position of power, whether one has a baby or not at the end of it, there is no way not to look at the usual everyday problems and not shrug, as in "whatever".  It is nothing compared to what I already did.  It takes time and determination, but at least the result is pretty much guaranteed.  While as I cannot say the same thing about the IVF, or the end of a high risk pregnancy.

BTW, does anybody want to join me on this weight loss journey?  If so, post your goal in the comments section.  Once a week, let's check in.  Say on Thursdays, my usual weigh in day.


  1. WOW, what a rude you-know-what! Even if she was thinking those things, who actually says them out loud?!

    I have no doubts you will lose all the weight you want to. And I would love to do weekly check ins with you once I'm losing my baby weight, if you are still needing them at that point! :-)

    Good luck, and I still think you look fab!

  2. I agree, you look great for having a newborn! These things take time, but you certainly seem to have the dedication and willpower to get to where you want to be.

  3. I do want to join you but I'm only trying to do food at the moment since I'm just 2weeks out from my csection. I had to run after my oldest the other day and even though I have been feeling fantastic i was beyond sore the next day and then I got a cold lol. Can't cough without bending over now. I think that lady was a biotch! You are wonderful!

  4. OK, I'm in. My son will be 10 soon and, as you know, I still haven't lost my belly fat. I have to say though that since I finished my courses I have eaten less, been more active and it shows, but not in a big way. I haven't weighted myself - I'm still in the French-women-don't-get-fat kind of thinking measuring my weight loss by how old clothes fit. But I'm willing to buy a scale and follow a schedule if we are going to do this together. I'll keep in touch.