Monday, October 24, 2011

musing about work

I am feeling worn out for some reason.  Perhaps I am coming down with a virus, but most likely I am overtraining, like I was suspecting initially.  I started thinking about what it will be like to go back to work, and how I will cope with knowing that Emma is with someone else, a stranger to her.  I think it is going to be hard, and the anticipation of that is saddening me a little.  Even though it is only going to happen in mid-January (and for the first month I am hoping to convince my mom to come and look after her), I have already started to worry, MrsH-style.  I am pretty sure that if I get a good sleep tonight I am going to wake up and feel better about the whole thing, but tonight I am mopey.  It helps that I love my job, and that I am a social person that likes to communicate daily.  I know that going back to work from that point of view will be good for me, since it forces me to be social and to be involved in things other than my own life/problems.  But...leaving Emma...even if only for four hours a day...bahhhahhhahh...

You know what I mean.

On the other hand, I cannot believe you gals in the US have to go back after three months.  That must be so hard.  How do you cope?

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