Friday, August 5, 2011

false alarm

I was so hungry last night, because I decided that if I go into labour it would be unsafe to have food in my stomach prior to the C/s, so I held off on dinner.  I continued to contract throughout the night, and MrH who slept with his hand on my belly (my very own tocometer!) was quite amazed that I did not tip into labour.  By 4 am, I was so hungry that I could eat a sheep, horns and all.  I hadn't slept at all.  I decided that I am going to eat, as I felt things were easing off, and afterwards slept and woke up still pregnant with not much happening today.  If it starts again, I am pretty sure it will be more intense.

I had the preanesthetic appointment today, and laughed my ass off that they only give you two lines to write your prior surgical history.  I had six surgeries so far, and only one was non-obstetrical/non-gyne.  By the time I am done having kids, if I do have two, I will have had eight.  And I will need to fix the surgical hernia that I got from my laparoscopy, so likely nine.  Yes, they really need to revise that form to give more space to weirdos like me.

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