Thursday, August 18, 2011

day 8

I promise to never eat pizza again if it means that I will not have the night that I had last night with Emma.  She cried and was cranky and had cramps until about 4 am, when she finally fell asleep.  Then she woke up on the dot at 8 am, and we had an appointment for newborn pictures with our local photographer.  She was fresh as a daisy and I looked like a truck runneth me over.

The first hour of the appointment we spent feeding, as she could not stop eating.  The next half an hour we spent crying.  Then feeding again.  Somewhere in there, we snuck in some beautiful photos.  My mom and grandma were there as well, and they were horrified that she was naked for so long (the place was colder than the house).  In Romania babies are bundled up very well, with hats and blankets and swaddles, and definitely nakedness in baby is sure to cause meningitis or some other crap.  So they spent the whole day giving me fleck for it.  Such a difference of opinions and habits.  I mean this baby lives in Northern Canada, I cannot fear cold all that much with her.  I made sure she was not hypothermic, and when we got home I snuggled in with her warmly and we slept for a long time, but I don't think the session was too traumatic, except, you know, for the photographer who said she had not seen such a cranky baby in a long time.  I think of her as feisty, and I told the photographer that she is not cranky, she just has a long long list of things that she does not like.  And a short list of things that she likes:  THE BOOB.

Will post pictures soon.  They have turned out adorable.

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