Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things I will miss about pregnancy

With ten days to go, here are ten things I will miss about being pregnant:
10.  Not having to suck my stomach in when I pose for pictures.
9.  Having an excuse to sit down in church, and everywhere else.
8.  My total addiction to being in the swimming pool as an anti-gravity tool.
7.  Being so easy on myself and allowing myself to rest whenever tired.
6.  Not worrying about weight gain as much as usual.  Or having an excuse for it anyway.  Allowing myself to eat ice cream.
5.  Always being warm and consequently the ability to take a cold shower without batting an eyelash.  Today I even took a cold bath.   Didn't phase me at all.
4.  Full hair and clear glowing skin.
3.  The delicious anticipation of having a baby.
2.  Feeling beautiful, full of life and incredibly happy.
1.  Feeling Emma move and sharing my body with her.

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