Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Non-virtuous living, or doing all the no-no's

Today we had good weather, my Chanel purse has finally arrived by mail as the postal strike is over (pictures to follow, about the purse not the postal strike), and I met a wonderful lady who, despite battling many health related setbacks, is wanting to compete in a triathlon, have a baby, and go to medical school.  And I am willing to bet that she will do it all.  People never fail to impress me.  So many people much better than I am, with determination that I admire, doing things that are amazing from all points of view.  What did I do to deserve this happiness?  This goes to show that often it is all about how the die fall, and hardly ever about merit in this life.

Lest anybody think that I am virtuous, even now at 34 weeks, with a big belly, I go to my local Starbucks every morning and, presenting my Starbucks card, I ask for a grande soy latte.  The Korean girl behind the counter looked at me today and asked: "do you want decaf?"  I said nope, not at all, need my caffeine, have had it every single day during this whole pregnancy, and if I don't have it my baby will be asleep the whole day, and she's got stuff to do.  Hey, at least I didn't pull out a cigarette to go with the coffee!

I also eat sushi/sashimi like a penguin, and other than feeling bad when my husband reprimands me, I am doing pretty well otherwise... Although I did have to stop about two weeks ago because I can't handle the salt in the soy sauce.  Ditto for unpasteurized cheeses, I don't even know which cheeses are pasteurized.  Probably the ones that taste bad.  No, wait, those are the low fat ones.  Don't touch them with a ten foot pole!

In my previous attempts at pregnancy I was very virtuous and gave up the caffeine, and the sushi, but this time I even drank it during IVF.  I pretty much was convinced nothing was going to work anyway, so hey, might as well wake up properly in the mornings.  I was right about one thing:  in life we get what we get, not what we deserve.  See, no point in being too virtuous, I tell ya...

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