Friday, July 22, 2011

Push present

Here is an important question: am I still eligible for a push present if I get a C/section?  The reason it is important is because I did another ebay bidding doodle and won a pair of antique sea pearl earrings, which I can only justify as my push present to, I wonder when I will start to behave like a responsible parent?  I thought I was, I already sold half my perfume collection on ebay and am starting to trim out the purse collection as well.  I had managed to finance the Graco Snugride carseat with my purchases and was quite full of pride...

Two days ago I ran into an acquaintance who had twin girls due at the same time as Adrian.  They were 15 months old, and I could not help but think that Adrian would have been 15 months as well, if he had lived. I suspect these thoughts will never leave me, although I am immensely happy about having Emma.  I had a great pregnancy with her (minus the nausea and vomiting) and do not regret having to get pregnant again, or having to have the cerclage, or the c/section.  I just wish I had both babies.  Although, as MrH correctly points out, if I had Adrian, I would not have had Emma, but another baby, from another egg and sperm, in a different ovulatory/IVF cycle.  I guess what is meant to happen will happen.

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