Saturday, July 23, 2011

surprise baby shower

Today I was invited for tea at a friend's house, and when I got there she had organized a surprise baby shower with a lot of the people in town.  I am often so humbled by the kindness of these people, and the attention to detail that they pay to my life.  Being a big town girl makes me used to anonymity, and I am certainly not one of the people who knit an outfit for a friend's baby shower, mostly because I lack the time but also because I am a bit lazy and selfish.  Despite these very attractive traits in me, the lovely women in this town threw me a baby shower and Emma will finally have some pink clothes to wear, 'cause all I bought was mud brown.  And to think that I have not ever gone to any of their baby showers, because of my own issues.  They have an immense ability to forgive I think.  I feel very honoured, not to mention how surreal it is to have another baby shower, I mean hey, this is fabulous, I am so spoiled.


  1. Aww, what a sweet surprise! I'm so glad you had a nice shower, you certainly deserve it! :-)

  2. Im so glad that a baby shower was held for you by your fellow coworkers. Emma will soon be here!