Friday, July 29, 2011


I don't know how to install the car seat.  I don't even fit in the back of my car to try to figure it out.  I can't read instructions very well because my attention span is short, and my patience is even shorter.  I struggled for two hours yesterday to collapse the Stokke stroller.  In the end, my husband did it in two seconds in the morning, just as I was going to return it back to the shop and was checking to see how much Greyhound would cost for a stroller return to Vancouver.  I bought a king size bed yesterday thinking that I would like to co-sleep with the baby, and cancelled the purchase today thinking that it would be too big for the bedroom and it would require repainting some of the walls to cover holes left behind by moving furniture and a big heavy wall mirror.  I can't handle this much change for now, I feel too overwhelmed.  I got a Stokke crib online and found out it was only going to arrive in September.  I cancelled that purchase as well.  Then I decided that I wanted a crib after all, and got the same crib from Vancouver, hopefully it will arrive by the end of August.  My car is very old (12 years old) and does not heat inside in winter, and I am worried that they won't be able to fix it, and Emma will be cold in the car, or more likely I will have to buy a new car and then worry about making payments while on mat leave or working half-time (i.e. not a lot of money).

I have all these worries all at once, and did not sleep a wink last night.  I used to be so cool, calm and collected about baby related problems, and only worried about pregnancy problems. Now, with 11 days to go, I am realizing that installing a car seat and learning how to open and close a stroller can very well be overwhelming, and that trying to make decisions about crib versus co-sleeping is well beyond my mushy placenta brain at the moment.


  1. Get a Pack N Play or co-sleeper and set ip up next to your bed and you are good to go for awhile! Lucas is 3 months old and has not yet slept in his crib. Studies show that co-sleeping (in the same room, not necessarily same bed)reduces the risk of SIDS, so we are keeping him with us for at least the first 6 months when SIDS happens most often. Plus, it's just easier.

  2. You can call the RCMP they have. Clinic every week at the firehall on installing your car seat so it's done properly they will also help u with adjusting it when you baby get older. I had the same problem and I just wasn't doing it properly. I agree with less is more when it comes to babies the frills etc take away from them. Also king siZe bed is so worth it beat investment we made after we had our son.

  3. i think, you will get kit of car repairment with instruction book in market.
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