Friday, July 22, 2011

the anti-chic

I am not very chic these days... I only fit into two pairs of pants, both of them cargo style three quarter length, one white and one army green.  I also only have three tops that fit me, all short sleeve.  I am not buying anymore clothes, so I am doing laundry daily.  However, between the cooking marathon that grandma subjects me to daily, and my birds that insist on cleaning up the leftovers on my shoulders, I have quite a few stains on me at any given time.  Usually when I leave the house I clean up, but today I decided that I needed coffee (ran out) and that the fact that my T-shirt was not ironed and had two small stains near the bottom hem was ok for a quick dash to the store...

Wrong!  I ran into three acquaintances, and somehow they managed to swallow their look of surprise at seeing me without makeup, hair up in a twist with flyaways everywhere, and the above mentioned t-shirt with cargo pants and flat shoes.  I have become the ANTI-Chic.

Never again.  Got home, did my makeup, changed my T-shirt, and swore up and down that I am never leaving the house in a state less than presentable.  This town is too small.   I got spoiled by the anonymity in Vancouver.

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