Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weird: due date may 19

I was just given my due date: may 19. Same as Adrian's due date.

How odd is that?


  1. Wow....maybe just one small way of him letting you know he is watching over you & his new sibling? Thinking of you & hopeful everything continues smoothly!

  2. How bittersweet!!! Hoping to hear more good news over the next nine or so months. :)

  3. Hi I am from Australia, lost my first at 9weeks pregnant and had my son, all through IVF never manage to get pregnant naturally, my son is 3 years and I am desperate for another baby but after 4 failed IVF this year and the fact I am older mother 44yrs, can't seem to have hope for another one, reading your blog is very encouraging, you have been through a lot and still find humor in things. How many IVF have you been through this time apart from your frozen one?? Sophia