Friday, September 27, 2013


Tomorrow it is 6w5d.  I have only spotted a little last night.  I have noticed that I spot after events when my bladder is overly full, like after ultrasound, after work when I had no time to go use the bathroom, and at night when I sleep too deeply and wake up badly needing to pee.  I don't know what the link is, but I see it is much less, and I am dearly hoping to be done with this spotting madness once and for all.

I am dreadfully nauseated all day long, and being vertical makes me feel worse.  Lying down on my right side seems to be the best position.  My blood pressure is low when I sit up, and standing makes me dizzy and sick.  Today I nearly puked at work (yeah, I went back, after three days off), but managed to contain the disaster by eating half a pack of crackers.  I wonder if Giselle had morning sickness, with her 30 lb of weight gain total, I am guessing that eating crackers had no room in that.

For all of you who have toddlers, let them watch Caillou, that way when you ask your child to go to bed you will hear a pretty "No thanks, mommy" instead of the usual "no". It is too cute for words.  "Emma, we have to change your diaper".  "No thanks!".  (I am happy on that note that my daughter is now reliably using the potty in daytime, but for some reason occasionally she will still do it on the carpet, and I cannot stand the smell at this point in my pregnancy, so I am regressing to diapers, not her...)

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