Thursday, September 26, 2013

bedrest for bleeding

I have been on a bit of a rest period because of the bleeding.  I know that research shows that subchorionic hemorrhage has a better outcome if one is resting versus working, and even though I don't see a subchorionic hemorrhage on the ultrasound, I am still doing the safest thing and staying at home.  I have now skipped three days of work, and the bleeding is much less, only in the mornings when I wake up.  Before, when I was at work, at the end of the day I would get some serious gushing.  Hopefully tomorrow I will stop bleeding so that I can go back to my job though, before it inconveniences too many people.

I am more and more thinking of this baby as an actual baby, as opposed to an IVF trial, which was what I had thought up to now.  Somewhere in this period of time, perhaps when the heart starts to flicker, in my head the "products of conception" become an actual baby.  Which is why I have accepted the stay at home plan, which was not initially my idea, but MrH's and my mom's.  I am definitely a workaholic, and am very hard to stop for any reason that has to do with myself or my health.  However, when it comes to my babies, I will easily take off and look after them.  So, at this point, this is what I am doing, taking care of BabyB.  (Don't know where that name came from, but that's it for now until he/she gets a name when we find out the sex).

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