Tuesday, September 17, 2013


5 weeks and 2 days today

I started spotting a little.  It is very faint, and if I had no prior experience with spotting in its various degrees, I might have even missed it.  As it is though, I am an expert in studying underwear colours with the magnifying glass, and of course I am a pathologic toilet paper checker.  All of us with bad experiences in the reproductive department are.

MrH's reply to this piece of news was "it's to be expected".  True enough.  I bled around 5-6 weeks with both my previous pregnancies.  It is probably the way that I do implantation, who knows.  I am a bit uneasy, but nowhere near the panic that I had with the first pregnancy, or the worry that I had with the second.  And I am starting to get quite nauseated and tired, which is always a good sign.

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  1. Spotting when pregnant is scary since it can go either way. I spotted when I was pregnant with G. Just rest when you can :)