Friday, September 13, 2013

beta results

I had my beta HCG done yesterday, at 12dp5dt, and it was 1241 or something like that.  I am quite happy with the result, and so was the clinic.  I have officially stopped taking home pregnancy tests to see if the line is getting darker, it won't get much darker than it is right now.

I have booked my ultrasound for 6w1d to see if there is a heartbeat, and to check that it is only one (sometimes the embryo can split-gasp!).

I am starting to get nausea, but it is really not bad yet.  It hits me all of a sudden with an urge to puke in the middle of a conversation with someone, which I bet makes me look a bit spacy and weird.  I am counting on it getting a lot worse next week, especially one week from now, at 5w4d, when it has begun its savage ways with both my previous pregnancies.  I have to confess, as much as I hate feeling sick, I would be quite worried if I felt normal.  At least a bit of nausea is needed to make me feel happy and relaxed.

Will I really have another baby?

Will I survive?

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  1. Still crossing fingers and hoping all will be okay.