Saturday, January 29, 2011

OB appointment confusing

I had a little surge of energy this morning, after a rather difficult evening in which we went to dine out and I was unable to touch a thing on my plate because the nausea suddenly came between placing the order and getting the food.  This morning I cleaned the kitchen, after one week of not touching it, and threw away two plants that dried up, victims of my inability to water them (in this house, only the fittest survive).  I even made some freshly squeezed apple-orange-carrot juice, but was only able to have a little, because it still makes me sick.  And then I caught up with BBC news online, because hey, there is still a world out there where Cairo is in turmoil and nobody knows I am pregnant, hehe.

My OB appointment was confusing, but the gist of it is that as long as my cervix stays long I can pretty much have a normal life, including working half-time if I feel up to it.  I might do it, just to keep my sanity, but then from 24 weeks onwards I must go to Vancouver anyway just in case I get into preterm labour, and there I will be on taking it easy mode.  I don't think that I will need to move downstairs after all, he says I can do stairs but not a lot of effort, and again only if the cervix stays long.

This is not a wealth of clear guidelines for my brain, and I really need more clear instructions because I am an anxious person who does well with military style orders.  MrH and I decided that it is best to do the most that we can, and hence that we should err on the side of mostly bedrest with allowing me to cook food briefly and play piano.  We are not sure about the work yet.  I have stopped going for long walks a while ago, mostly because I was feeling unwell, and I will not restart the walking, not even for a couple of blocks, because I worry too much.  I will have plenty of time to walk pushing a stroller after the baby is born.  The one thing that my OB was saying is that I should avoid making myself feel ill, or disabled.  This is confusing, as I am disabled during this pregnancy, I mean if I weren't, I would be out there running my 8 km daily and lifting weights in the gym.

He also wanted to organize cervical length ultrasounds only once a month, and I said that is unacceptable, I need one at least every two weeks, even if I have to pay for it privately, so I got what I wanted.  Is he taking this seriously or not?  I am confused.  I think he is taking it seriously, it is an emotional issue for him as well, given my past, but I think perhaps he considers the anatomical defect dealt with by the cerclage, and therefore does not think that I need more frequent ultrasounds.  I don't get this at all.


  1. How frustrating, I can see why you were confused by the appointment, definitely mixed messages. Hoping the nausea begins to subside a bit for you & everything continues smoothly!

  2. Maybe I'm being naive but to me this is good news. Your OB not worrying so much is encouraging. Of course you'll worry no matter what, but I think it is good to listen to your body and do what it feels good and safe to you. All the best :)