Friday, January 7, 2011

saw the baby and the heartbeat

This morning I did my usual routine of wake up, vomit, brush teeth, vomit, brush teeth again, drive to work and vomit in the car.  I was thinking to myself that if I am not pregnant I must be dying of something pretty bad.  I went to see the OB who burst out laughing to see me in the door pointing towards my abdomen and mouthing "ultrasound".  He took all of two seconds to find the gestational sac and the baby inside, with a cute little flutter of a heartbeat.  It just made my day!  In one more week I will be able to hear the baby with the hand held doppler, and then I won't be so panicky about baby but rather start to worry about his majesty My Cervix.

Because I can't eat breakfast due to the recurrent vomiting, I usually graze a bit in the morning and try to have most of my calories at lunch.  The cafeteria had chicken and roast potatoes with some kind of overcooked broccoli today, and I was extremely happy to see the chicken because I had been craving it for a long time.  Ever since I got pregnant I crave non vegan foods, which I do indulge in from time to time, but I won't actually cook them in my house.  So I count on the cafeteria to provide me with my meat cheats.  Well, by the time they got to me, the chicken was gone (the person in front of me had the last piece).  I wanted to cry.  I became so nauseous, due to my intense craving, that the entire afternoon I spent trying not to throw up and fantasizing about where I can get some chicken.  I think we need to eat out tonight otherwise the fixed idea is not coming out of my head anytime soon.  So much for a vegan pregnancy! but with battling the nausea and some days having mostly pedialyte and juice, it is better if I have whatever my body wants at the moment.  Unless it involves stealing it off the plate of the person in front of me.


  1. So glad things are looking good...definitely sounds rough with all the vomiting though:( You absolutely should eat whatever sounds good given all the vomiting you're doing! Besides at least a bit of meat is healthier during pregnancy, your body and the baby need that. Hope things continue to go smoothly!

  2. MrsH. If you ever see me in the cafeteria line taking the last peice of your meat cheat diet say something to me. I would glady give it to you :)