Friday, January 21, 2011

blog award

Thanks to Anonomity at  and to Sarah at for this blog award:
The rules of this award are:
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2. Share 7 things about yourself.  
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Here are the 7 things about myself that I can share:
1.  MrH and I have three birds at home and, because we are insane, we also have one at the office. 
2.  We also have a cat who loves to jump on my stomach, but unfortunately lately that is a no no because it makes me puke.
3.  I normally love perfumes, and have quite an extensive collection of at least 15 perfumes that are up to date and fresh.  I actually use them all.  Ever since I got pregnant, I feel like giving them all away, I cannot even stand looking at them.  Must resist the urge though, because I know I will go back to wanting them again (voice of experience). 
4.  I am also into skin care quite heavily, and read a lot/watch videos on skincare and makeup.  Of course, since I got pregnant it is a struggle to remember to wash my face at night.  Forget any serums or eye creams, I am too tired for that.  
5.  I wax.  I cannot shave at all, or I get folliculitis.  I can do a home-based bikini wax as good as any salon job if I put my mind to it. 
6.  I have been playing piano for 5 years now.  I started taking lessons as an adult, and I am slowly improving, although I am very very tired and had to interrupt my lessons for the pregnancy so far because I puke when sitting upright, hence no piano for me.  
7.  I love learning new languages, and am quite quick to pick them up.  My bedrest project is to learn either German or Afrikaans.  German because quite a few locals speak it here in Northern Canada, and Afrikaans for MrH. So far I have four languages done, and if I learn these two as well, and perhaps learn to be more fluent in Spanish, then I am done with languages for this lifetime. As an aside, English is not my first or second language, it is my third, and I have started to speak it well only at the age of 18.  Which is to explain my probable numerous mistakes in writing this blog.  

Now onto the awards.  
The Stylish blogger award goes to:
I will give the others as I keep on reading the new ICLW blogs that pop out. 


  1. Languages are fun! and you got so many!
    Congrats on your pregnancy and Happy ICLW #190

  2. I'm jealous of your perfume collection. I would love to have so many choices. Sadly, most fragrances really bother me and leave me with a horrendous headache.

    The many languages is quite impressive.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

    (Here from ICLW)

  3. Now I want to know what your first two languages are. Your English is very good. I'm only decently fluent in my third language, and have totally forgotten my second, and... that's it. My list ends at three.

    I'm sorry your pregnancy is not treating you very nicely. Just keep telling yourself you're lucky to have it (and then, I'm sure, yourself will tell you to shut up in return... at least that's what my self would do).

    Thank you for your comment on my page (ICLW #181)

  4. Ooh, I'm jealous that you can play the piano. Congrats on the pregnancy!

  5. Stopping in for ICLW week. I read your post about your most recent u/s, how incredibly scary. I will keep you close to my heart as you wait for a follow up. I too lost a baby, our rainbow baby actually to IC.

    Big *hugs*

    ICLW #56

  6. Wow jealous you can speak more then 1 language, and all i can play on the piano is chop sticks hehehe
    Love the layout of your blog its gorgeous.
    Hope all goes well with the preg.