Tuesday, April 5, 2011

haute couture and luxury

I have been obsessively absorbed by reading about haute couture and the world of luxury goods.  I found this great book called Deluxe: how luxury lost its luster and found it a most entertaining read.  Then I read a lot of posts on the Purse Forum (a site online where people write about purses and accessories in general) and read about half a dozen fashion books about the house of Chanel, Dior, and vintage purses and shoes.  I don't have any clue why I am doing it, just that I seem to pick a topic and then I dissect it to the bone until I am satisfied that I understand how it works.  At the moment I am trying to figure out for myself whether couture and luxury brands are an actual investment for people or whether they are an artificially inflated list of trinkets, albeit well made trinkets.

I have really enjoyed the sartorialist's book (by the way, I read all these books at Chapters on a hard chair, as I have decided a while ago not to buy anymore physical books lest they spill out of my house onto the street), and loved the variety in the fashion photographs.  Then I read Ines de la Fressange's book that just came out three days ago, for which I was waiting with trepidation.  I was disappointed.  She gives advice like it is the latest law.  "Don't wear leather suits"-- why not? My mother looks and feels fabulous in tailored leather suits.  Also, absolutely no mention of scarves.  Nada.  I am lately trying to incorporate my scarf into as many outfits as I can think of, as a game, and love to get some ideas, (although scarf as tank top when pregnant does not work very well).

Lastly, as a little treat, I allowed myself a brief 30 min outing to Holt Renfrew since I am still in Vancouver, to do some field research.  I have tried on (hahaha) a few Chanel jackets, the boucle style with weighted hems.  To the shop assistant's merit, they actually did not bat an eyelash when I asked to try on the jackets, perhaps they did not see that I was pregnant.  I loved the tailoring, and would absolutely love to have one someday (ebay is my only chance for that, as in real life they cost 5000 $ or so), and I am certain that Madame de la Fressange would not approve saying that it is too stuffy.  But paired with jeans and some fabulous shoes, a Chanel jacket would be a long lasting treasure.  Mmmm....someday.   I also found a Celine top that was knitted in garter stitch from chunky cotton, and that I swear I could make in one week.  It cost 1000 dollars.  As soon as I finish the alpaca baby blanket that I am working on, I will try my hand at the Celine top.  I just need a pattern somewhere.  Knitting when lying in bed for so long is a lifesaver.

Now, back to pregnancy stuff.  The MFM called to let me know that I would be eligible for amniocentesis, because of the IVF/ICSI associated 0.5% chance of chromosomal trisomy/aneuploidy.  I nearly laughed on the phone.  Like yeah, I will endanger this pregnancy for that particular chance, when my chances of other kinds of disasters are much higher.  Especially after my Nuchal screen and all labs were normal, including the anatomy ultrasound.  I am more worried about premature rupture of membranes or preterm labour or failure of the cerclage, you know, mundane stuff, not fancy rare stuff.  Although if we recall the rule of probabilities in my case, the more rare something bad is, the more likely it is to happen to me.  The more common something good is, the less likely.  Hm.  I just made it up, but hey, maybe the future will contradict this silly axiom.

I am now more pregnant than I have ever been, having past the point where I have lost Adrian.  Emma is moving a lot.  She is making herself very comfortable just under my bellybutton right now.  I can't wait to teach her everything I know about shoes and fashion.  I hope not to spoil her too much :)

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  1. Congrats beautiful lady on being the most pregnant you have ever been. What an incredible feeling :). Thinking of you and cant wait to see that belly!